Teradek Link Pro Backpack for 4G Bonded Event WiFi

Receive high speed internet access at any location

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The ideal internet connection

The internet is obviously crucial for live streaming, which is why we conduct an on-site test in advance of any event.

Internet availability and connectivity varies wildly from venue to venue we recommend asking for a dedicated fixed line connection with 20mb up/down speed.

Don’t worry, we will gladly help setup the line and liaise with the venues technical team.

For advice please call Adrian 01223 855669

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Our remote internet backpack

Access fast internet anywhere you go with our portable Teradek Link Pro backpack. Whether you require connectivity in an event WiFi blackspot, ofice or remote areas.

Ultra portable, robust and reliable
– Bond Ethernet, WiFi, & cellular modems
– High speed internet connectivity
– 2.4 / 5GHz | 802.11ac WiFi with 1000 ft. range
– V-Mount battery connecter
4 performance 3G / 4G/ LTE modems
Use any sim from Vodafone, EE, BT etc.
– Core subscription required for bonding

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Temporary event WiFi

Our Teradek Backpack allows anybody to surf the web, check their email, upload files, or even stream live video online from areas they otherwise couldn’t before.

The Link Pro is a high performance bonded 4G WiFi Access Point giving webcasters, event organisers and production companies, high speed internet access at any location.

Wireless reception for the Teradek modems is greatly enhanced with two high gain antennas attached to the interior of the backpack.

Our Event Wifi Backpack in action

Streaming Options

What we offer

Unfamiliar with filming and streaming? – Don’t worry, our aim is to de-mystify all aspects of webcasting which means you can relax and enjoy the creative process.

We can help with as much or as little of the production as needed, if you require a sound engineer and PA, lighting or a set design company please just let us know.

We also stock and hire webcasting equipment such as TriCasters, mobile streaming laptops and 4K SDI cameras.

We are a multi award winning webcast company recently voted “Best UK streaming company”, see what our clients have to say about us here.

Our website is secure and fully customisable to match your corporate branding offering many interactive features we’ve included free for example; ask a question, voting and video on demand.

Built and developed in-house, view an example here

We are a proactive webcast company so if there is a feature we haven’t thought of and your event needs just let us know.

Embed our customisable video player into any website, our helpful tech team will talk and help you through the whole process.

View an example here

We can make the stream as secure as you need from a single generic password to individual login details including name, company, email etc.

View an example here

We’ve added many interactive features so your viewers can really engage and participate such as chat rooms, polling, ask a question, voting and social media.

We are a proactive webcast company so if there is a feature we havent thought of and your event needs just let us know.

Multicast simultaneous streaming

Multi-destination streaming allows you to webcast your event simultaneously to multiple platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter using just one encoder (and of course a friendly EventStreaming.TV streaming operator).

Multicasting does require a little more bandwidth from the network you’re using to stream from, but with today’s roasting hot broadband speeds it shouldn’t be a problem. Find out more here

Multi-bitrate streaming

We stream in multiple bitrates from mobile to 4K

We automatically determine your viewers bandwidth and stream the best possible version of your video. This way, your viewers will be able to watch the highest quality without stuttering or buffering.

Watch on any device, anytime, anywhere

4G bonding and Satellite internet has arrived

As more and more business takes place outside the office, mobile companies have boosted the speed and reliability of their 3G and now 4G networks which means it’s possible for us to now stream in locations with little or no fixed internet

A satellite internet service offers high upload and download speeds, and allows you to connect any number of devices to the internet via a network or Wi-Fi router.

We partner with event internet suppliers to provide the best solution for your location

Here to help


4G guide and data costs

Examples, costs and options

Configuring servers

Firewalls and which ports to open

We are a trusted webcast company and stream regularly to all the major platforms

Our Happy Clients

A fantastic group of people rock solid event wifi and an absolute pleasure to work with. We hope to use them again on next year’s event.

Leanne Farrell, C21 Media