Project Description

Whether you require single camera coverage of your event, or a multi-camera set-up with vision mixing, we can supply the right equipment with highly experienced, flexible pro-active crew

We regularly work with production companies, conference organisers and venues to offer their clients a webcasting service. We are completely white label and happy to wear any company T-shirt

Streaming made simple – broadcast your live event around the world: EventStreaming.TV was set-up to offer a fresh approach to filming and streaming events, conferences and festivals without the high cost or technical Jargon.

To stream we use our versatile LiveStream HD550 vision mixer with 4 small HD cameras to capture and stream the event. The HD550 allows us to add up to 5 cameras, pre-made videos, graphics, twitter feeds and much more, this great piece of kit allows us to create professional broadcasts with the sole aim of keeping the viewers interested, informed and watching.

If you’d like to discuss your latest idea or webcast, please call professional streaming company EventStreaming.TV 01223 855669 or email

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