Project Description

EventStreaming.TV US webcast live from San Francisco based Al Jazeera

Webcasting and video production company EventStreaming.TV continues to grow with its mobile streaming equipment and packages in hot demand both sides of the Atlantic.

First Draft News is a daily destination site for journalists who source and report stories from social media. EventStreaming.TV were commissioned to film and stream several live sessions form the offices of Al Jazeera in San Francisco.

Watch “Protecting Social Sources” again here on YouTube

The US webcast was streamed to YouTube because it offers clients the ability to stream live to a global audience for free. It’s also a great platform to distribute the finish video further increasing viewers as they can easily embed, share and comment.

Nick Brown, Business Development Director at EventStreaming.TV commented “It’s clear that webcasting has a place in all corporate communications, it’s cost effective, accessible and via our microsite, it’s interactive. We’re now seeing clients implement webcasting at the early planning stages of events including large AGM conferences, training session and smaller team meetings”

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