Carnets are essential for international productions allowing the companies to move equipment seamlessly through customs. However, there have been instances where using carnets has been problematic.

Event Streaming .TV is a webcasting company based in the UK providing live streaming and event production services. Over the last 20 years, they have established themselves as one of the leading companies in the industry, and their work has taken them all over the world.

One of the new challenges that Event Streaming .TV faces when traveling internationally is the need to transport their equipment across borders. To facilitate this, they have been using carnets, which are documents that allow for the temporary importation of goods into foreign countries without paying duties or taxes.

The norm is a delay of 2-3 hours but during a trip to India Event Streaming .TV’s carnets were not accepted by customs officials. This led to delays in transporting their equipment and caused some stress for the team. The situation was eventually resolved, but it highlighted the potential challenges that can arise when using carnets.

Despite these occasional issues, the benefits of using carnets outweigh the occasional challenges, as they allow for smoother border crossings and can save the company a significant amount of money in duties and taxes.

To apply for a carnet, contact the London Chamber of Commerce a typical cost with insurance is approx. £700

In addition to using carnets, Event Streaming .TV has also implemented other strategies to streamline their international travel. They have developed a detailed checklist for packing and transporting their equipment, which helps ensure that nothing is left behind or damaged during transit. They also work closely with their logistics partners to ensure that their shipments are properly tracked and handled throughout the transport process.

Event Streaming .TV is a UK webcast production company operating for over 20 years locally, nationally and internationally, to chat through your latest idea or event please contact Jamie or Adrian on 020 8938 3188 or email:

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