Events were held across the UK to mark the 50th anniversary of Concorde’s maiden flight. Thousands of aviation enthusiasts flocked to Duxford and other airfields to have the rare opportunity to meet Concorde pilots, step on board the aircraft and view footage of the first flight.

The highlight of the day was a simultaneous streamed dipping of the iconic nose from the UK Concorde’s based at Duxford, Manchester and Brooklands.

The three Concorde’s dropped their noses live to Facebook at exactly 2.30pm to mark the occasion of the first flight.

Event Streaming.TV were proud to supply the webcasting/filming crew and equipment to help capture the moment and ensure the success of the live stream.

Christian Eaves-Walton commented: When Heritage Concorde, a group of ex-Concorde engineers, suggested that the Concorde’s at IWM Duxford, Brooklands and Manchester join in a synchronised nose lowering demonstration on line, there was a great deal of head scratching in the Duxford Aviation Society office.

Enter Jamie and Adrian. Their advice was reassuring and the execution of their plan so flawless that we had a report that the live streaming was being viewed in real time by a man in a houseboat on the Oxford canal!

On the ground their quiet efficiency really paid off. The crowd at Duxford saw the other Concorde’s displayed on screens and listened and watched the nose moving completely unaware of the hard work and streamed wizardry that was making all this possible.

It would be hard to overstate our gratitude to Jamie and Adrian for changing a rather scary event into a wonderful celebration of Concorde’s first flight 50 years ago.  Thank you Jamie and Adrian!!”

Concorde was a joint Anglo-French project, with its success a moment of intense national pride. Most impressive of all was its speed. A cruising velocity of twice the speed of sound, or 1,350mph, allowed it to cover a mile in just 2.75 seconds.

Watch the event again here

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