Project Description

UK streaming company EventStreaming.TV USA webcast live from New York Times

Webcasting and video production company EventStreaming. TV continues to grow with its mobile streaming equipment and packages in hot demand both sides of the Atlantic.

We live in a time when any event, conference and show can be broadcast around the globe professionally for little cost – but better still viewers have moved on from just consuming they now interact, asking questions, commenting ad sharing.

First Draft News is a daily destination site for journalists who source and report stories from social media. WaveFX streamed a session entitled “Trusting Social Sources” live from New York – watch again here

Rob Hill, EventStreaming.TV technician commented “This was the 2nd webcast we’d produced for First Draft News the first being live form the Guardian offices in London. The difference with streaming from New York was we had to travel light and therefore fully believe in our mobile webcasting solution, which worked a dream”

The webcast was streamed live to YouTube which offers EventStreaming.TV clients the ability to stream live for free. The other advantages are the free hosting on the “watch again” and the ability to easily embed, share and comment.

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