Project Description

Live debate streamed live throughout the UK and Europe

The Sage European Debate that took place on Monday 7th live from the Shard. The debate was moderated by Ian King from Sky News with EventStreaming.TV filming and webcasting for Waters Productions

The debate was attended by small business owners and business leaders, all with questions about what the real implications of an ‘in’ or ‘out’ vote will be and seeking to influence strategy and policy.

There were lots of plaudits and recognition of small business owners – from Sage’s Brendan Flattery’s comment of ‘they’re nothing short of heroes working long hours and using their life savings to fund their businesses and follow their dreams’……to Anna Soubry’s (MP for Broxtowe) comment that small businesses are ‘run by brilliant people’.

By the end of the hour the results were:

In: 56%

Out: 20%

Undecided: 24%

Watch again and decide for yourself via YouTube

Adrian Taplin of EventStreaming.TV quipped “It’s a big decision but I’ve never quite forgiven Europe over the whole Marathon to Stickers and Opel fruits to Starburst scandal, big issues you rarely hear debated”

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