As a webcasting production company we purchased an insta360pro camera because it offered real-time stitching, 8K resolution and was great value compare to a Nokia Ozo or GoPro rig

Always wanting to embrace and offer new technology streaming 360° went down well with our clients and over the last few months we’ve learnt a lot especially about lighting, sound and where to place the camera to get the best retention of our online viewers. But the one negative we faced every time was the presentation graphics.

The presentation graphics either on a plasma or big projected screen were always bleached out and difficult to read so we needed a solution to allow us to overlay crisp legible graphics direct from the presentation laptop.

The big question was how to bring the graphics feed into the 360 environment so it wasn’t distorted when viewed live, the answer was Resolume some Vjing software we’d being using for webcasting festivals.

The workflow was to bring the PowerPoint laptop feed in to our Zbook laptop via a Blackmagic thunderbolt converter, warp with a ripple effect and then output into the LiveStream HD550 vision mixer via NDI.

Warping the graphics feed and then resizing and positioning in the LiveStream unit allowed us to place the PowerPoint feed perfectly so when viewed via a 360 player the graphics appeared full screen and completely crisp.

At the heart of the webcast was our two LiveStream HD550’s a very clever and versatile bit of equipment that transforms any event into a professional live production.

As a company we’re delighted to now be offering multiple live vision mixing of 360 cameras including external graphic feeds.

About us: EventStreaming.TV was setup to be a different kind of event filming and vision mixing streaming company, If you’d like to discuss your latest webcast or event please call Jamie at WaveFX 01223 855669 or email

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