There are many comparison reviews but this is our personal day to day experience using YouTube and Vimeo, hope it’s of some help

Video creation is on the up and now an essential part of any online marketing strategy, so we’re constantly asked by clients “which is the best platform to upload video content to, YouTube or Vimeo?”

The answer, both offer HD, are stable and can be viewed on every common device. The key difference is they’ve been built and designed around different business models, YouTube for mass audience, Vimeo for professionals with more flexibility and security options.

Some Stats (we all need more stats for example Lego mini-people are the world’s largest population group at 4 billion – FACT!!) Getting back on track both YouTube and Vimeo platforms offer good analytics

Potential Viewing numbers: YouTube over 1 Billion, Vimeo approximately 175 Million

Video Quality: Both offer up to 1080p and 4K (the jury is still out on how worthwhile 4K will be)

Advertisements: YouTube has pre video advertising, Vimeo has none

Privacy Settings: YouTube has as a choice of public, private, or hidden. Vimeo offers every possible privacy setting including monetisation and password restrictions

Video Player customisation: YouTube is fairly locked down but Vimeo wins here with several extra customisable features

Video SEO: YouTube being owned by Google surely benefits from high SEO, Vimeo is just enough good website fighting the rankings battle

Viewing Community: YouTube is universally recognised and has entered daily life as a phrase; Vimeo tends to be less well known and more professional recognised

Price: YouTube is free; Vimeo is free for personal usage however tariffs apply for business use

When you come to make a decision on which hosting platform to use, keep the in mind the goal of your content, your target audience and budgetary constraints. I guess the only real question is how do you attract the biggest and crucially right audience for your video?

Finally when writing this (and I’d like to know if anyone reading feels the same) but I really fancy buying a Vimto now!!!

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