Twitch is a Live streaming / social video platform focused on the ever growing online video game culture and creative arts.

The viewer figures are impressive with nearly 10,000,000 million people tuning in daily to watch, discuss and interact over 2 million livestreams, centred on gaming and all things arty.

The stats are good and  regularly shame the must see TV programmes and other live video and social media sites.

  • 9.7 million daily active users
  • 2+ million unique streamers per month
  • 15+ thousand members of the Twitch Partner Program
  • 106 minutes watched per person per day
  • 2+ million peak concurrent site wide viewers
  • 46+ million raised by the Twitch community for charity

A recent gaming launch we streamed to Twitch was watched by over 50,000 viewers. We used multiple HD cameras and a creative live vision mixer to ensure the webcast was an engaging as possible. During the live stream, Twitch’s interactive player allowed the viewing audience to like, share and comment on the livestreams content. They did in their tens of thousands from start to finish and the verdict? They LOVED it!

Peter Wilson: Streaming technician and vision mixer from Event Streaming.TV commented:

“Having grown up in an era where games consoles had faux wood grain finishes, the whole online gaming phenomenon had kind of passed me by. I think the last time I “GAMED” in anger, was during my University days, can of Kestrel Lager in hand, playing endless hours of Super Mario Cart with friends.”

Like it or loathe it, online gaming is huge and it is here to stay! With the average age of twitch users being 18 to 40 and gamers becoming millionaires through other like-minded people subscribing to their gaming channels, gaming really is big business”

About us: EventStreaming.TV was setup to be a different kind of event filming and streaming company, If you’d like to discuss your latest webcast or event please call Adrian at EventStreaming.TV 01223 855669or email hello@eventstreaming

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