Why employ a professional streaming company?

Webcasting has become an essential tool for businesses and organisations to reach a wider audience, share information, and engage with their target market. While its totally possible to set up a webcasts independently, the advantages of employing a professional streaming company are significant. In this blog, we will explore the reasons why businesses should [...]

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Remote Streaming in Sweden

Ahead of a newly commissioned 8-part Scandinavian documentary the Event Streaming team have just returned from a 10-day trial filming and live webcasting from a self-built raft drifting at 4mph down the Klarälven river. ("The clear river" in Swedish) Sweden is simply stunning and once we built the raft and waved goodbye, we didn’t [...]

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Breakfast or Hotel Bar???

So, after two years adapting to virtual and hybrid events from the studio and breakfast bar we’re happily back on the road. This week the Event Streaming .TV stream team produced and filmed webcasts and live from conference hotels and venues across the UK, Sweden and Greece. Yes, the airports were a nightmare and [...]

Hybrid Event Production

This year due to COVID restrictions the Hanover annual investor day was filmed and streamed to a private micro-site by webcast production company Event Streaming .TV Founded in 2002, Hanover Investors is a private equity firm based in London specializing in turnarounds, leveraged buyouts and recapitalization transactions. Event Streaming .TV have been in the [...]

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Events and Arnold Schwarzenegger are coming back

This week we were very excited to back on the road and even more so to connect and live stream the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor, former politician and 38th Governor of California, in conversation with the historian Dan Snow. The International Churchill Society (ICS) hosted a two-day conference from the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor [...]

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vMix portable vision mixers now available to hire

We are now stocking five vMix streaming vision mix / encoders for professional mobile webcast production. Create professional live video productions using vMix or LiveStream Studio, both systems are conveniently installed and use the five onboard 4K capture cards. The unit is ultra-portable and can be easily carried on a train and plane. Check [...]

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Festival streaming nightly news for the ABR Festival

Festival streaming, live music and beer tents are back and the Event Streaming .TV webcast production team were more than happy to spend 4 nights under canvas to live stream a daily news and round-up of the Adventure Biker Festival live form the stunning grounds at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire. Event Streaming .TV filmed [...]

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Streaming Production Company – stream any event anywhere

We’re different because we’re a portable streaming production company – all our kit can be carried on a plane or train allowing us to offer broadcast quality streaming including cameras, audio and crew without the daft high cost. This month alone Event Streaming .TV crews have streamed a clinical symposium from Australia, a congress [...]

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Portable WiFi solution

EventStreaming.TV are now renting the Teradek Link Pro Backpack which is a portable WiFi solution which allows anybody to surf the web, check their email, upload files, or even stream live video online from locations they otherwise couldn’t before. So why are we bothering with all this, well some of our clients were asking [...]

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Freelance webcaster with vision mixer and encoder

Vision mixing events, conferences and webcasts is what we do every day and we feel confident we can help you connect with your audience. We understand how important your event is so we only send highly experienced friendly freelance webcaster trained with the very latest equipment. Trust us: we’ve worked with some of the [...]

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