So, after two years adapting to virtual and hybrid events from the studio and breakfast bar we’re happily back on the road. This week the Event Streaming .TV stream team produced and filmed webcasts and live from conference hotels and venues across the UK, Sweden and Greece.

Yes, the airports were a nightmare and complicated even more by now having to complete a pointless expensive carnet (no-one checks) but it was great to finally be face to face with a real client, presenter and audience.

Working from home and virtual events undoubtedly are here to stay, but for the majority of delegates I met they couldn’t be happier networking and reconnecting with colleagues over a coffee or cold beer (mainly cold beer).

What’s changed since covid is every event now has an element of virtual, be it a remote speaker, virtual presentation or panelists for a hybrid Q&A.  Live streaming is no longer a one-way stream simply to be viewed and commented on, webcasts are now fully interactive with the virtual delegate as important and connected as the physical.

So if you need help with your next event, virtual, hybrid or live we’d love to quote, we’re also happy to answer any questions (however daft) and chat through the options. As an award winning UK webcast production company we’re delighted to have so many happy clients, please dont just take our word for it check out our testimonials here.

Event Streaming .TV is a UK webcast production company operating for over 20 years locally, notionally and internationally, contact Jamie or Adrian on 020 8938 3188 or email

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