EventStreaming.TV are now renting the Teradek Link Pro Backpack which is a portable WiFi solution which allows anybody to surf the web, check their email, upload files, or even stream live video online from locations they otherwise couldn’t before.

So why are we bothering with all this, well some of our clients were asking to webcast from not only remote locations but also environments where it was impossible to gain a good enough LAN or wifi connection.

The Link Pro solves the problem as it’s basically a high performance WiFi Access Point which gives us high speed internet access at any location. Wireless reception for the Teradek modems is greatly enhanced with eight high gain antennas attached to the interior of the backpack, and the v-lock battery will power the unit for approximately 24 hours.

Key features of the Link Pro:
– Combine bandwidth from Ethernet, WiFi, and cellular modems
– High Performance Bonded 4G WiFi Access Point
– 2.4 / 5GHz | 802.11ac WiFi with 1000 ft. range
– V-Mount battery connecter
– 4 performance 3G / 4G/ LTE modems
– Use any sim from Vodafone, EE, BT etc.
– Portable WiFi Backpack

There’s more, the single bonded stream we encode from our Livestream unit can be easily distributed to any numbers of locations via Teradek’s clever Core portal – what does this mean, well put simple we broadcast one stream to the cloud and distribute it to any number of social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Workplace, you get the idea.

So we’ve tested it, played with it and yes we love it; it’s versatile, portable and basically solves the problem of trusting a single 4G source. It’s available to hire now with or without an operator.

For more information on how Event Streaming .TV can help film and stream your next event or just provide bonded portable WiFi please call Jamie 020 8938 3188 or email Save

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