Connect with a larger audience by multicasting your event to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter (or any network) all at the same time.

Multi-destination streaming (sometimes referred to as Simulcast) allows you to webcast your event simultaneously to multiple platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter using just one encoder (and of course a friendly EventStreaming.TV streaming operator).

Multicasting is very new and does require a little more bandwidth from the network you’re using to stream from, but with today’s fibre optic broadband speeds it shouldn’t be a problem.

By offering the webcast on multiple platforms the viewer can choose which platform and device that suits them at that particular time, this flexibility increases audience viewing figures, engagement and interaction.

Adrian Taplin from EventStreaming.TV commented “This week we streamed a MNDA conference from Taunton, Somerset simultaneously to Facebook and Livestream with no noticeable increase in CPU stress on our encoder, but an incredible increase in viewing numbers for the client”.

Webcast your event simultaneously to any platform with Multicast Streaming.

The innovations don’t stop here with the next few weeks EventStreaming.TV are launching 360° live streaming which allows the viewer to choose their view. 360° VR webcasting offers the online viewer the very best seat in the house, creating an engaging and interactive experience with or without a VR headset.

So if you’d like to discuss your latest event or webcast, please call professional streaming company EventStreaming.TV 01223 855669 or email

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