New outside broadcast van for remote video production and webcasting

We’ve always had a van but now we have a VW California kitted out and ready for remote mobile editing, video production and webcasting. 

2016 has seen a steady increase in webcasting projects with more challenging locations and deadlines, our new outside broadcast van simply allows us to say “Yes” to clients who need a proactive video production or webcast service from locations where power or the internet just doesn’t exist.

Fast turnarounds for video projects are now the norm and the VW allows us to have mains electricity, a comfy seat and the coffee on. Coupled with a satellite solution we can now broadcast live from anywhere in the UK and Europe.

If we need to go further we can simply jump a plane with our LiveStream HD550 a very clever little box that allows us to live vision mix up to 5 cameras, PowerPoint and titles. The output can then be recorded or live streamed to any website including social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

The Livestream HD550 packs down into a carry-on bag and used with our incredible small 4K Sony cameras we can deploy a webcasting team anywhere in the world without a team of Sherpas or Ryanairs baggage fine.

The big news is the VW has central heating which is a small separate diesel engine that keeps the van very snug and uses very little diesel, so perfect for late night editing. This might not sound like big news but once we nearly froze wearing gloves thumping at a keyboard cutting a video in production marquee as the temperature dropped to -3 (-23 when I tell it in a pub)

So if you’d like to discuss your latest event or webcast, please call professional streaming company EventStreaming.TV 01223 855669 or email