I’d bet my best conker on the fact that everyone at some point has experienced a dropped call on Skype, especially when using video, so why would you ever risk it on a live event?

Well it seems Skype has come of age utilising a clever new box from NewTek called “TalkShow”

TalkShow is a video calling production system specifically designed for event producers to connect remote contributors and real time interviews to live conferences and webcasts. TalkShows big win is it’s greatly improves connectivity whilst automatically enhancing video and audio quality. (Sounds good so far)

Running Microsoft Skype TX software the talk show box allows you to make and receive video calls from any video enabled device be it a laptop, mobile or tablet, making it perfect for any event that requires a cost effective live two way interaction from differing global locations. Irritating and inappropriate adverts and pop-ups are also removed automatically and I read somewhere it even makes tea (fact)

Adrian from EventStreaming.TV commented: “We get asked a lot if it’s possible to connect a remote office or interview so this box of tricks is the first time we’ll be able to offer Skype with confidence as a live event streaming solution”

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