We’re living in a world that demands increasing access to video content anywhere, anytime, on any device.

This style of on demand viewing is becoming the norm and lends itself well for webcasts to engage with more viewers, broaden their reach, and increase the longevity of the event messaging.

We recently filmed and streamed an AGM for the MNDA (Motor Neurone Disease Association) the venue was packed with delegates and approximately 200 watched live online. 200 for a live event isn’t bad at all but the big news was over the next few days over 1,500 people watched on demand.

This means that 15 times more people watched the event via video on demand than actually attended the event. Wow

I can hear event organisers already shouting “stream an event and no-one will attend in person” I’d argue that’s not the case, the delegates numbers at the venue were actually up, I’d suggest the online viewers were those who couldn’t afford the time or money to attend or just had a fringe interest in one or two presentations.

With more people working remotely interactive webcasts are a great resource, but through analytics we can clearly see that “video on demand” very much has a place

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