This week has been the busiest yet for Cambridge video company EventStreaming.TV with 3 big events being filmed and streamed live around the globe.

Live event streaming is becoming the norm for so many companies mainly due to its ease, accessibility and low cost. This week EventStreaming.TV saw software giant Dassault stream their company meeting, Tesco stream a live Christmas wine tasting and the Motor Neurone Disease Association webcast 5 days of their symposium live from Brussels.

Jamie of EventStreaming.TV commented “we approach filming and streaming 100% from the viewer’s point of view if they’re not engaged they’ll simple click off and do something else. It’s why every job however small has a minimum of 2 moving cameras and is vision mixed by a creative professional, our aim is to create compelling viewing whatever the subject”

What EventStreaming.TV offer is a one-stop solution to filming and streaming an event from a local sales meeting to a worldwide congress. It’s not just about the kit and friendly crew the in-house design team also create bespoke streaming websites and micro-sites complete with endless interactive options such as “ask a question”, voting and watch again.

If you’d like to discuss your latest project or event please call Cambridge video company EventStreaming.TV 01223 505600 or email