4K video isn’t just about increased pixels and picture quality, 4K webcast cropping is the new buzz word and its allowing HD video production and webcasters to do much much more.

4K cropping allows a single camera to create multiple shots to make any event look like a multi-camera production. For example a 4K video camera set to a wide shot could also be used as a close up on the presenter, a mid shot off the panel and also a close up of any panel presenter.

The ability to create multiple virtual shots that zoom and glide beautifully from one to the other is a very impressive feature and one that EventStreaming.TV have fully bought into with the purchase of several new 4K cameras and 4K LiveStream vision mixers.

Switching between the virtual camera shots highlights key moments in any presentation resulting in a dynamic and engaging broadcast for your audience. The big news is having just one or two 4K cameras without a camera operator is a significant cost saving over a traditional multi-camera setup.

The growth of live streaming has been remarkable with event webcasting now an established part of business communications and social media marketing including private secure webcasts, YouTube and Facebook Live.

YouTube added 4K webcast support for streaming in 2016 with LiveStream following in 2018. Most professional video cameras now support 4K recording and output, so now is a great time to enhance your next event either with the increased quality of a 4K webcast or the ability to create virtual shots in HD.

EventStreaming.TV are a UK  based webcast company who film and webcast throughout Europe and the USA with a vast experience working for companies, charities and governments agencies. A flexible, proactive team who are more than happy to work on small scale projects as well as partner with other agencies for larger productions.

If we can help with your latest event, webcast of 4K video production please do get in touch with Jamie: 020 8938 3188 or email hello@eventstreaming.tv


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