There are 3 good options, for streaming live events without the security of a dedicated broadband uplink; however as always, all have pros and cons.

  1. Wi-Fi: If a dedicated Wi-Fi network is available, great. If it has shared access, it will be subject to fluctuation of bandwidth. A nice juicy amount of upload can soon be eroded by 200 delegates all checking Facebook and twitter.
  2. 3G/4G bonding: This can create a valid strong usable uplink but only as long as there is decent network coverage in the area of your event. Great for large cities, not so great in a small field in Wales.
  3. Satellite: for years the go too solution but it can be expensive for small event budgets and in certain areas the necessary line of sight to the satellite can be obscured, such as built up areas with no roof access.

All of the three options have the benefits and draw backs it really does depend on the local environment and client needs.

Robert Technical guru at EventStreaming.TV; “In my experience there is always a solution. I have no doubt that as the network coverage in the UK increases, clever little boxes that bond together multiple data connections such as Ethernet, WIFI, 3G, and 4G LTE will become more and more an essential bit of kit to create stable platforms to stream from”

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