Facebook have recently rolled out the ability for all their users to stream live and the good news is – it really does work.

OK, so most companies have a Facebook presence and strategy so what will Facebook Live mean to them? Well here are our 5 reasons for businesses and marketers to give it a try.

  1. Reach: Facebook provides an infinite ability to reach and attract additional followers to your brand.
  2. Brand Awareness: Increase awareness and inform existing followers through live video
  3. Retain viewer interest: by using a professional production company it’s possible to create a TV production quality and really add the WOW factor to your Facebook feed.
  4. Move with the times: By streaming live events businesses can remain relevant and reactive within their target audience, plus it’s a great way to gain real-time feedback and comment.
  5. High impact low cost: finally and best of all, streaming to Facebook is free.

Peter, Streaming Technician at EventStreaming.TV commented We’ve been waiting for this for some-time and I’m please to say it’s absolutely rock solid, Facebook is the perfect place for our clients to gain the maximum exposure and audience, and best of all its free.

We’ve streamed for Disney and NBA over the last few weeks and the experience has been flawless, the only limitation we’ve discovered so far is a single webcast can be no longer than 90 minutes, but that’s not too much of an issue”

If you would like to discuss streaming your next event to Facebook or any other platform please call Adrian on 01223 855669 or email adrian@eventstreaming.tv


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