The full cast came together in a central London location to hold an energetic filled press conference ahead of the Captain America: Civil War European Premiere.

Live event streaming is very much the norm now and Facebook have just joined the party allowing its users to live stream for free directly through their website and via professional webcasting equipment.

Adrian of EventStreaming.TV commented “Streaming to Facebook totally makes sense in our opinion it’s the natural platform to gain the largest audience possible which can also share, like and contribute”

EventStreaming.TV is a video production company based in Cambridge, UK who are very much at the forefront of webcasting technology, streaming the Disney Studios press conference form London and a New York Times workshop from America on the very same day.

The press conference was hosted by Edith Bowman and lead by all the stars including Robert Downey Jr. Chris Evans and Paul Rudd.

EventStreaming.TV were commissioned by Tiger Films to supply the production equipment and service to film and live stream the event direct to Disney Studios Facebook page

Watch the highlights here:

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