For the 5th year running, EventStreaming.TV provided live camera and live vision mixing to the largest magic convention in the world.

The 64th annual Blackpool Magic Festival is run by the Blackpool Magicians Club and once again they didn’t disappoint!

Set to the backdrop of the magnificent Victorian built Blackpool Winter Gardens, the almost 3,000 seat capacity Opera House was sold out for each of the three Gala shows, not to mention a huge turn out from the younger generations, whose giggles filled the Opera House, for the Saturday children’s show.

The world class acts were truly top of their game.  From local magicians and children’s entertainers to big Las Vegas residents, the crowds were treated to a relentless barrage of high energy, mind bending illusions. Judging by the gasps, applause and numerous standing ovations, the 2016 magic show will be remembered as one of the best so far.

The three day magic convention was packed with training sessions and lectures given by well-respected guest magicians. With a massive trade hall (akin to Diagon Alley), selling everything from beginners magic sets to the latest illusions and tricks, the Blackpool Magic Festival, is a must for magicians and children’s entertainers the world over.

Adrian a camera operator from EventStreaming.TV commented: “Filming the live Gala shows for the Annual Blackpool Magic Festival are dates we look forward to all year!

There is a great buzz in Blackpool around this event and the number of loyal attendees (who all have a pack of cards in their pocket), can be found in any corner of the Winter Gardens as well as any local coffee shop, pub or restaurant, showing off their newly acquired tricks and magical skills.

With so many professional and amateur magicians, representing a fair number of the 3000 strong crowd for the gala shows, all eyes eagerly scrutinise all the tricks and illusions going live to the screens.

The Camera operators and the vison mixer can’t relax for a minute to take in the show, we really do have to be on our game to keep up with the high energy of all the acts.  No two shows are the same and rehearsals are kept to a minimum to prevent illusions being given away.

We are often asked how it’s all done, trust me! As mere MUGGLES, We are as in the dark as you!”

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