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Facebook comes ALIVE – But is it any good for business?

Facebook have recently rolled out the ability for all their users to stream live and the good news is - it really does work. OK, so most companies have a Facebook presence and strategy so what will Facebook Live mean to them? Well here are our 5 reasons for businesses and marketers to give [...]

Captain America streamed live via EventStreaming.TV team

The full cast came together in a central London location to hold an energetic filled press conference ahead of the Captain America: Civil War European Premiere. Live event streaming is very much the norm now and Facebook have just joined the party allowing its users to live stream for free directly through their website [...]

Webcasting for Muggles

For the 5th year running, EventStreaming.TV provided live camera and live vision mixing to the largest magic convention in the world. The 64th annual Blackpool Magic Festival is run by the Blackpool Magicians Club and once again they didn’t disappoint! Set to the backdrop of the magnificent Victorian built Blackpool Winter Gardens, the almost [...]

Facebook LIVE, late to the party but definitely worth the wait

Social media is perfectly built for Live streaming! It provides the perfect medium to broadcast creative content to a worldwide video eager audience. So with YouTube, Periscope and Meerkat all launching live streaming capabilities, have Facebook been a bit late to the party? Well, it would appear not! Disney chose Facebook Live for its [...]

We’re packed and ready… Live Stream HD550

Throughout 2015 a year of many interesting, challenging and fun projects we realised that some projects needed a more compact and mobile solution. Clients were asking us to travel abroad more and we wanted to create a “go anywhere” solution that would pack down into a rucksack and carry-on. We shopped about, did some [...]

EventStreaming.TV win “Best use of social media” award

EventStreaming.TV has been recognised by some of the digital industry’s leading lights. Awarded winner of “BEST USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS” for our work filming and webcasting SEGA’s live football manager final. Established in 2015, the Cambridgeshire Digital Awards reward innovation and progressive thinking by businesses, individuals, events, charities or educational establishments. The [...]

Would you risk a Skype call on a live event?

I’d bet my best conker on the fact that everyone at some point has experienced a dropped call on Skype, especially when using video, so why would you ever risk it on a live event? Well it seems Skype has come of age utilising a clever new box from NewTek called “TalkShow” TalkShow is [...]

The advantages of video on demand

We’re living in a world that demands increasing access to video content anywhere, anytime, on any device. This style of on demand viewing is becoming the norm and lends itself well for webcasts to engage with more viewers, broaden their reach, and increase the longevity of the event messaging. We recently filmed and streamed [...]

Is streaming a real option for small festivals and live events?

The larger festivals have it all sewn up with deals with major broadcasters and sponsors but that still leaves plenty of opportunity for smaller events. Three core Benefits for smaller festivals by live streaming Attractive exposure for unknown and upcoming bands with reduced concerns about expensive copyrights. Smaller festivals benefit by increased exposure and the possibility [...]

When broadband just isn’t an option – Satellite?

There are 3 good options, for streaming live events without the security of a dedicated broadband uplink; however as always, all have pros and cons. Wi-Fi: If a dedicated Wi-Fi network is available, great. If it has shared access, it will be subject to fluctuation of bandwidth. A nice juicy amount of upload can soon [...]